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Crack Repair and Foundation Waterproofing in Quebec City


From the moment a homeowner wants to preserve the total value of their house, the foundations are the first point not to be neglected. Foundation maintenance is essential to maintain the value of a residence and a commercial or industrial building.

Since 2010, G-Solutions Fissures has been the specialist for foundation waterproofing and permanent crack repairs in Quebec City.

The skills and knowledge acquired since 2010 have enabled us to develop expertise in concrete structures and waterproofing. Whether it is a matter of epoxy injection, polyurethane injection or cementitious grout, our professionals can meet your expectations while meeting construction standards. We rely on our techniques, specialized equipment, and the durability of the materials used in all our projects. Our current crack repair techniques allow us to obtain high-quality results, with impeccable finishes that will make you forget it is a repair!

The specialists of G-Solutions Fissures are at your disposal for quick intervention. Homeowners and real estate agents, don't wait until the cracks are too big to use our services! Our service areas are Quebec City, Lévis, Portneuf, Victoriaville, Thetford Mines, Chaudière-Appalaches, Côte-de-Beaupré and in Montérégie.

Our Commitment

At G-Solutions Fissures, we care about a job well done, and we are qualified to repair all cracks, regardless of size or location. We use proven techniques to deliver high-quality professional development for a lasting and quality result, including a transferable guarantee.

Crack Repair

With time and the effects of climate, cracks can appear and weaken your foundation. Do you want to fix the cracks before they get worse? G-Solutions Fissures is an experienced and professional partner who can accompany you and help you in the work of permanent sealing of cracks. Whatever your needs, our team of skilled technicians will intervene quickly and efficiently to provide you with a beautiful job that will leave you completely satisfied!


We do internal repairs, yet we can also use membranes for external maintenance. We carry out different types of injections according to your specific needs. The applications of these types of injections are very diverse and can repair:

Residential concrete


And more!

When G-Solutions Fissures is by your side, cracks just become memories!

Foundation Waterproofing

To ensure the strength of the building, a successful sealing of the foundations is necessary to prevent moisture and water penetration. At G-Solutions Fissures, we use certified quality materials to seal and strengthen your foundations. Poor sealing can lead to mold growth, which can affect your health and that of your loved ones.


Our technicians correctly install waterproof membranes for effective protection, resistance and optimal drainage of concrete structures. Your needs are important to us, call us and take advantage of our know-how for waterproofing done by the book.

Water Infiltration

The problem of water infiltration in the foundation should not be overlooked. In Quebec, our four seasons are often the cause of this problem.


Whatever the size or location of the crack, horizontal, vertical or oblique, G-Solutions Fissures can correct the situation with or without excavation. You can also contact us for the installation of water-repellent and self-draining membranes, as well as for reinforcement work by carbon fiber lamella.

Talk to Our Team

Learn more about our repair technique and trust our expertise for guaranteed results!

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